Rust Offline Mirror Tool (Romt) for offline Rust development


If you want to use Rust on a network without direct Internet access, you might find Romt (Rust Offline Mirror Tool) useful:

From the README.rst:

Instructions and tooling are provided for:

  • Mirroring of Rust ecosystem artifacts:

    • Toolchains (Rustc, Cargo, libraries, etc.)
    • Rustup (toolchain multiplexer)
    • (community-supplied Crates)
  • Incremental artifact downloading.

  • Incremental artifact transfer to offline network.

  • Artifact serving in offline context (offline computer, disconnected network).


Romt is written in Python primarily due to author familiarity and the chicken-and-egg problem of wanting to learn about Rust using a Rust development environment on a disconnected network.

Michael Henry


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