Rust now runs on the new Cortex-M33 based Nordic nRF9160 LTE SiP


42 Technology have announced they’ve got Rust running on the new Cortex-M33 based Nordic nRF9160 LTE SiP.

Work on writing Rust bindings to the LTE stack is WIP, but it’s progress. Source code coming soon!

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This is awesome! I was planning to work on nRF9160 support myself, but didn’t find the time (and likely won’t for the foreseeable future). Have you released any code yet, or do you plan to?

Any thoughts on cooperating with nrf-rs?


I will release the full example when I can!

I’ll talk to James and see how similar the nRF91 and nRF51/52 peripherals are and see if it’s worth combining things, or if this ends up being stand-alone.

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One thing that’s notably different is the SPU pheripheral vs the ACL pheripheral at least