Rust nightly Git repo

Please pardon my ignorance what is the location of rust nightly git repo?
Or is it the same as the main repo but rather some branch there?
I saw 7 branches in the main rust repo, which one corresponds to nightly if any?
branches that I saw: master, auto, beta, stable, try, tmp, snap-stage3
Thanks a lot.

If you download the nightly and type rustc --version it will give you the git hash on the main repo that corresponds to the nightly you are using.

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Rust nightlies are built off the master branch.

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Thank you. So if I build myself of the master I should get and "on demand nightly"?
I want to be able to quickly access new features when I want to pay with them without downloading the whole build every time.

I understand your pain but, FYI, building rust takes a long time. If you're on a metered connection, it would probably be faster to go to the nearest cafe with wifi and download the latest nightly there.

Yes, that is correct.