Rust microservices - best approach

I'm already learning RUST so for educational task I decided to write some code :slight_smile: I'm going to create small project but consisted of microservices and posgresql database as backend.
There will be several microservices:

  • core: with authorization, system users etc.
  • product: which will handle only products
  • ....

Core microservice will handle all comunications with frontend via REST API and will have to comunicate with other services to collect data.
How core should comunicate with other microservices?
I was thinking about that each microservice should have own REST API but I don't think that is good idea because microservices should be as smallest as posible. Other thing is to create some "connection pool" between core and submicroservices to not athorize each request, just keep konnections up.
Are there any "best approaches" to comunicate between services?

You may want to look in to tonic, which is a crate for writing API servers like you are suggesting.

Thank you, I think that is very good suggestion

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