Rust Macro for multiple Results unwrap

I Just started playing with the Macros, I'm not confident enough yet with it's powers and syntax.
Would it be possible to create a super macro that supports this kind of thing?

let mut resp = try_do!{
    name    <- ss.read_line();               // we could also use the let binding
    ip_addr <- name.parse::<IPAddr>();
    conn    <- socket.connect(&ip_addr);

so I could avoid the whole unwrap thing and chaining multiple try! instead?
What do you think about it? Is the idea to crazy?


Im pretty sure this use case is what and_then is for

    .and_then(|name| name.parse::<IPAddr>())
    .and_then(|ip_addr| socket.connect(&ip_addr))
    .and_then(|conn| conn.response())

assuming all those methods return results or options, if they just return a value you can use map


Yes, here's a do notation macro

Alternatively if this PR gets accepted (it needs an approved RFC first), then you could write ss.read_line()?.parse::<IPAddr>()?.connect()?.response() or something like that (see the test files in the PR).

See also this postponed RFC for more ideas on error handling syntatic sugar. (We may implement a fraction of that for 1.0)