Rust logo not visible in dark and dark 2 mode


There is a Rust logo in the title bar but barely visible

judging by the behavior of e.g. the forum, it seems like it might be possible to configure different logos for different themes. (The site uses this logo and this variant.)

In terms of aesthetics, Iā€™m personally not a huge fan of the approach that rustdoc currently takes with the bright outline, and it probably works even worse when the logo is smaller. Maybe white logo looks decent with the dark background?

Some possible solutions which come to my mind apart from the white logo:

  1. White circle around Rust logo
  2. White outline
  3. A lighter shade comes from the left side and ends after the Rust logo
  4. Light brown logo

Regarding that outline. If one uses a drop shadow css effect like rustdoc themes do, the result is something like

or, with a bigger shadow, so that it completely covers the insides of the cog

or, first version but less white:

even more gray

Of course, creating a dedicated image file offers more flexibility than me playing around with CSS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Among the pictures provided, my 1st preference would be white circle (not the "bigger shadow" with angular edges posted here) which can be easily placed inside white theme, next would be white logo.

Can we have a poll or something?

I prefer additional SVG instead of CSS most of the time unless it is simple stuff like outline.

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