Rust Lisbon Live Meetup


Join us for the first of many great meetups of Rust Lisbon on 9th January 2020 from 18:00 at Onfido.


Guillem Cordoba - Introduction to Rust

Bio: Guillem is a software developer interested in decentralized technologies, collective intelligence and new patterns of social organization and collaboration. Nowadays playing with all things Holochain, and building the _Prtcl (

Synopsis of the talk: a high-level overview of rust as a programming language for newcomers, including comparisons with other languages and live coding demos.

Duration of the talk: ~35 mins + Q&A

João Oliveira - Rust Traits and Dispatch

Bio: João is a software developer involved with Rust since 2013 and one of the organizers of the Rust Lisbon community. Passionate about the language and ready to learn and share, he pioneered Rust meetups in Lisbon through a series of presentations at IST Lisboa as early as 2014.

Synopsis of the talk: a high-level overview of Rust polymorphism with Traits and its use via static and dynamic dispatch

Duration of the talk: ~30 mins + Q&A

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