is not accessible from Iran

To maintainers of
Unfortunately the website ( is not accessible from Iran. It used to be accessible.
Is there any plan to restrict Iranian access?


I'm guessing that the company running this forum's servers, Discourse, felt it was too hard to try and navigate all the sanctions America has against Iran, so they decided it was wiser from a business/legal perspective to block Iran completely.

Thanks, the forum is available, however the main website of is unavailable

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That website is served by AWS, and Amazon blocks users from Iran (the following section from wikipedia refers to AWS as "Amazon Cloud").

In 2018, the Trump administration increased American economic sanctions against Iran. These sanctions were not intended to prevent Iranian civilians from accessing basic internet services, but multiple American technology companies subsequently blocked access to their services in Iran [...]

Identifying an internet user can be difficult, so some companies have entirely discontinued serving users in Iran [...] In 2019, access to free services on GitHub, GitLab, Amazon Cloud, and several video game services were also suspended.

Wikipedia: Internet censorship in Iran

I'm guessing the maintainers of Rust's main website can't do much here. They could switch to a different cloud provider that doesn't block Iran, but that's a massive endeavor and probably not something they would want to do :disappointed:


How far does tracert get?

Hmmm, A long time a project far far away..
debian for example, has "mirrors" and I think, unless I am mistaken, the main server can put out some numbers (hashes) and also put out some files and then other entities fully unrelated to debian can also put out the same files. And then you just check the file hashes against the numbers. In more modern times we have this distributed stuff even better and bit-torrent or magnet links too. So I wonder why there are not obvious mirrors or magnet links to the main site.

I don't believe the front page for debian is mirrored either. For the docs page you can use rustup doc to open the locally copy of the documentation. Both (for toolchains) and can and are mirrored. It is just that no mirrors are advertised by the rust project. For we already have all toolchains signed, but rustup doesn't verify them currently. For you have to trust the registry mirror, but not the download mirror as file hashes are recorded in the registry. Although if you already have an up to date Cargo.lock, cargo will error out if the registry returns different file hashes from what is in Cargo.lock.

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