Rust jpeg2000 bindings?

Are there any popular jpeg2000 rust bindings? Looking at , there is nothing with over 10k downloads.

I need jpeg2000 instead of jpeg, as I am looking for lossy 16-bit image rather than lossy 8-bit image.

not really.

I fixed up GitHub - kardeiz/jp2k . It runs but you may need do tweak it to get 16 bit.

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Thanks for confirming. I guess "16-bit" and "lossly" doesn't go well in the first place, since often times in a 16-bit, we want to atleast keep the first 8-bit lossless, which kind of lower bounds the compression.

It does exist... FastTicoRAW SDKs for CPU & GPU | intoPIX TicoRAW
Sadly it isn't open source and I can't see any specification.

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