Rust, IntelliJ, stack of (FileName, Location)

  1. I'm using IntelliJ + VIM Plugin in Rust.

  2. I know how to jump to class / definition / function / module / ... . This question is about something else.

  3. I am looking for a "Stack" where each entry of the stack is a (FileName, Location) pair. I want the following operations: (1) manually push current location to stack, (2) pop top of stack, jump to location, (3) auto push to stack on goto-symbol/struct/module/...

pre-emptive answers:

  1. Why can't you just open buffers + close them in order ?

Sometimes, a buffer occurs more than once in a (FileName, Location) stack. Not even necessarily consecutively.

  1. What is the XY problem ?

When editing, jumping up/down abstractions.


Does anyone have something like this working in IntelliJ ?

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