Rust India Community Updates


Hi Rust Community members,

Thought to compose this topic inorder to update the global rust user community about the rust activities happening in India and receive feedbacks/ideas for rust community development.

PFB the list of activities,

  • 1st Rust India Community member online meeting

We had a call with few rust enthusiast on Feb 4 2017 where we discussed on working collaboratively using a common GitHub repo to develop teaching kits in rust and list out the links of various amazing work (events, blogs & projects) by the community members.

Github Repo - Contains teaching kits and collection of all the community work
Feb Etherpad- Details of the topics discussed in Feb call
Issues - Listed out the different queries people had in the meeting
Reps Event Link | Twitter | [Youtube Broadcast link] (

Encouraged mozillians to write blog about their rust development experience and participate in the rust discourse forum/ #rust IRC channel for discussing their errors & issues.

Around 10 + mozillians were trained in rust and they presented about the different features of rust in their local regional language.

This portal has a lot of discussion about various rust related topics and events happening in India.

Metrics suggestions for rust event which can help in tracking & achieve longer developer engagement, please add your views in the issue.