Rust in Action book now available for pre-order from Amazon

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Rust in Action cover art
My book, Rust in Action, now has an Amazon listing. What's Rust in Action? Here's the description I use on my website:

Rust in Action is a book for intermediate programmers who want to explore the world of the Rust programming language. It's intended for people who may have exhausted the free material on the web, but who still want to learn more.

Rust in Action is different from other material on Rust programming because it also teaches you about systems programming along the way. You'll be able to learn more about how a CPU works, how computers keep time, what pointers are and how your network card and keyboard tell the CPU that they have input ready to read.

It’s actually unique from the point of view of systems programming books too - as almost every example works on Windows!

If you are the kind of learner who enjoys worked examples, you'll enjoy reading this book.

Should you buy it? If the blurb appeals, then probably. If you would like to read testimonials, I've added several to this page.