Rust IDE VM runnable out of the box

Hello, I've setup a debian 8 VM with RustDT & Racer completely configured so it can be run out of the box. It's people who don't want to stress themself with the installation of RustDT & Racer, which can be stressing sometimes, and simply want to use a IDE for rust.
I've build it for myself at first but was asked on IRC if I want to hand over a copy of it, leading me to the idea of making it available for everyone.

More Details & the download can be found here.

It's runnable out of the box via VirtualBox or VM-Ware player (free to use).

Some notes about the vm-setup

  • java 8 required by RustDT and eclipse are both under ~/Downloads if you want to change something
  • The keyboard layout can be changed directly, please look inside the README.txt for commands & help
  • Please watch this thread for updates of RustDT so you don't miss an upgrade of it
  • If you want to keep your Files separated from the VM-Disk use the shared folder option, securing your files from getting deleted in case you're deleting the VM accidentally without copying them back to the host.

I'm open for ideas, wishes etc.

[edit] Fixed download link, was late yesterday..

I'd recommend researching making your plugin installation scriptable and repeatable instead.


I'm open for suggestions what I should use for that at best. Currently I'm going to ship VirtualBox & Vm-ware compatible machines, trimmed down to the needed things

Update: added ovf file download, have fun with VirtualBox
Added the Readme to download list

Added readme file with details

1.0.1 is out!
Configuration fixes, nginx with php5-fpm is now runnable out of the box & sources.list is now also fixed.
Added phpmyadmin for mariadb configuration.
Fixes also a possible problem with the OVF version.
Happy IDE Rusting.

Version 1.2:
Updated to Rust 1.3 finally, I've had some problems with my VM-System lately which stopped me from doing this.
Updated RustDT & Eclipse along with the whole OS.
And updated to the latest version of Razer along with the 1.3 sourcecode of rust.

I'll try to provide a more minimized VM in the next version.

How are you building that VM? Are you using an automated process like e.g. packer?

By hand as I've to compile things like Razor, install the Eclipse Plugin and configure it along with the src of Rust.

Version 1.4 out, with Rust 1.4
1/2 the size of v1.2 ( now 1,5/1,9 Gig).

This time with a debian as minimal as possible to safe RAM & HDD.

Installed software & downloads as always here

Feedback welcome!

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As I've had this problem recently:
If autocomplete shouldn't work, rebuild razer from the master branch, the newest version works for me.

Version 1.5 out, on Rust 1.5
Also upgraded the OS, fixed a razer issue & upgraded RustDT

Downloads here

Feedback welcome!

Version 1.6 on Rust 1.6 out
Contains security fixes for VMware Tools, OS as well as RustDT & racer updates.
Oh and the ovf zip is now 0.3 gig tinier.
Downloads as always here

Version 1.7 on Rust 1.7 is finished
Contains system & eclipse upgrades as well as RustDT, Racer and now also rainicorn & rustrtfm for RustDT.
Downloads as always here

The next version will include also the IntelliJ IDE Project
Sidenote: the zips got even tinier, I can't say why exactly.

I was also thinking about publishing the further versions as torrents to provide a little speed improvement.