Rust + Gtk - connecting two buttons

I have a situation that I have a two togglebuttons on my ui. I want to have a behavior that if I click one toggle button, the other one gets untoggled.
So far I cannot simply do:
button_a.connect_clicked(bla bla)
because of the errors with regards to lifetimes, moved values etc.
Does anyone have an idea how to accomplish this?

I would say you should read the Gtk-Rs Book.

I've read it and unless I've missed something I don't see any example there that would be appropriate to my scenario.

I think you will want to use the glib::clone! macro to copy references to the widgets into your signal handler. There is a blog post explainer here: Lifetimes, Clones, and Closures: Explaining the β€œglib::clone!()” Macro – Chris's Design & Development


Thanks for the interesting read. In the end I've solved it by binding properties - which actually is explained in the book.

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