Rust-gdb undefined symbol: g_string_free_and_steal

I want to use rust-gdb, but when I run it I get
"gdb: symbol lookup error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: g_string_free_and_steal"
The same happens if I run gdb.
I have libbabeltrace1 package installed. Installing libbabeltrace2-0 didn't help.

If I go to "sudo su" then gdb runs without this undefined symbol issue.

The OS is Ubuntu 23.04, Rust 1.72.0.

Are you saying gdb itself fails to start? If so, it is not really a rust issue as rust doesn't ship gdb. Rather rust uses gdb from the system. So it seems like an Ubuntu issue.

I would look into verifying that all installed packages are intact (not an Ubuntu user, I could tell you how for Arch, but for Ubuntu you will have to Google). And if that doesn't help, check the Ubuntu bug tracker ( I believe?)

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