Rust-game / build a game engine with rust from scratch

hey guys
I'm new here, and I just get started
I recently start a new project called rust-game, it's actually a game engine written in rust so I'd be very thankful if you go and check it out
and bring me some feedbacks.
thanks in advance

rust-game GITHUB


Welcome to Rust!

It's nice to see more game devs showing up here :wink:
From the source code it looks like you're currently focusing on 3D games?

I'm also working on a game engine but for 2D games:

Didn't have much time recently but I hope that I can work more on it in the future.


Hello Willi,
thank you for showing up! I'm also happy viewing your reply :relaxed:
no, I'm not certainly focused on building 3d games, as you see there are some main features I wanted to implement, camera system, entity system, multi-level transformation support, physic simulation, renderers (sprites, meshes, billboards..), skeletal system, and of course you could use these features also in 2d games with orthographical cameras, or maybe you wanted to use 2 dimension parallax effect with perspective cameras, it should do such a things, I just get started..

** edit
I've seen your project, codes are impressive and very clean, but I did never use SDL in my life, I think it already has the sound engine and other stuff? I am using glium, cross-platform implementation of open GL and it's much like GLFW
so what do you think? would you like to collaborate together to build something great?

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