Rust for Rustaceans gone to print, FYI

New Rust book has just gone to the printers, FYI,
It is aimed at more advanced Rust developers when compared to the official Rust Book by Klabnik and Nichols (excellent book btw, IMO, for beginners to Rust).

Rust for Rustaceans

I am planning to buy the hard-copy of this book when it becomes available (~Nov 2021 ?).

The author Jon Gjengset has recently twitted this book has now been completed and gone to the printers.

Based on excellent Jon Gjengset YouTube channel on Rust, I have very high expectations of this book.

Moderator, please feel free to move this post, I put it here in "help" section because a new book is about learning and help but perhaps it needs to be in Announcements.

thank you


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