Rust for PLC programming


Hi guys, I have been following use of Rust in embedded for some time now, and I’m impressed over the progress that is being made all the time.

I have been thinking lately over the possibility of using Rust in relation to PLC’s.

As you may know, programming of PLC’s is usually done in IEC61131-3, which is a collection of 5 languages, where Ladder logic and perhaps Structured Text (a textual language which is limited in ability by design (less footguns) and focused on maximum readability) are the most well-known. The focus I guess is foremost on ease of programming and troubleshooting/debugging.

It would be exciting do something in this space, like a ladder/structured text interpreter or something else to run on resource-constrained devices. PLC’s are similar, but another use case in relation to embedded systems. And I think there is some potential here for Rust.

What are your thoughts on Rust in this space, are there already some discussions or projects going on?



I’ve played around with this idea in the past. In particular, I started writing up a basic compiler frontend for structured text and got about midway through the program analysis stage before getting distracted.

The way I’d probably approach this is to write a compiler that runs on a normal PC and then a #[no_std] virtual machine which can run on your microcontroller. Compilation often requires lots of data structures and dynamically-sized collections, which isn’t great on a constrained device which may not even have an allocator.

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Cool, is your description of the approach the goal of your project? Looked at your project, nice to see ecs used for new problems outside of games.