Rust Essentials - Free eBook today Dec 2, 2016

Hi folks,

I'd like to let you'll know that the eBook version of "Rust Essentials" by Ivo Balbaert is available for free today.
The eBook can be claimed here:

Starting by comparing Rust with other programming languages, this book will show you where and how to use Rust. It will discuss primitive types along with variables and their scope, binding and casting, simple functions, and ways to control execution flow in a program.

This book covers flexible arrays, vectors, tuples, enums, and structs. You will then generalize the code with higher-order functions and generics applying it to closures, iterators, consumers, and so on. Memory safety is ensured by the compiler by using references, pointers, boxes, reference counting, and atomic reference counting. You will learn how to build macros and crates and discover concurrency for multicore execution.

What You Will Learn:

  • Set up your Rust environment for maximum productivity
  • Bridge the performance gap between safe and unsafe languages with Rust
  • Use pattern matching to create flexible code
  • Apply generics and traits to develop widely applicable code
  • Organize your code in modules and crates
  • Build macros to extend Rust's capabilities and reach
  • Apply threads to tackle problems concurrently and in distributed environments
  • Interface with C and isolate unsafe code



The bad thing about this book and Packt Publishing's other books are that they are terribly written, and the official Rust documentation is much better at explaining each topic.

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Is there a way to get it without registering?

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@tshepang: Unfortunately it doesn't look like there is a way to get it without registering (at least I haven't found one).

@mmstick: That may be true, but about one year ago when I bought this book there weren't as many blog post / tutorials / etc available as there are today. And some people prefer to read a real book instead to look at a screen.

Also the number of books available for a programming language is a good indication on how healthy that language is. I'm looking forward to the other announced Rust books and will definitely buy them.

(And IIRC Packt Publishing supports open source projects when buying their books, have they supported the Rust project ?)