Rust equivalents of formatters and import sorters?

Im coming from python where similarly to other languages there is a lot of tools for formatting your code (like flake8, pylint or black) and also formatting your imports (like isort). What are the equivalents of those in Rust? Are they built-in or are also external packages that you install with your package manager?

For code formatting, there is rustfmt, and the linter is clippy.


Does it also fort the imports?
Also is it possible to use it in a CI pipeline so that for example if someone pushes code that is not formatted the pipeline fails?

nvm i just read its --help and it can be easily done with --check flag. Thats great! Thanks!

I'm not a rustfmt user myself because I think it's overly opinionated, but from what I can tell, there has been an issue in 2017 for sorting inputs, which appears to be implemented, so yes, I think it can sort inputs. I don't think it does it by default, though.See @Alice's comment below.

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We don't have any configuration set up for the rustfmt in Tokio, but it does still sort our imports.


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