Rust equivalent of cp

There are number of tools rewritten in rust that had been originally written in C, exa, batcat and others. Is there rust equivalent of cp (copy) tool?

There's cp in uutils:


Thanks, that is a real gem!

Does this crate try to emulate the behavior of the GNU coreutils? If so, it is different in that regard from the named tools like bat or exa. A possible application of this is that possibly harmful behavior (e.g. copying a file to an existing destination always overwrites without prompting the user) is not prevented or reduced.

Maybe this could deserve a new thread, but is there a list of tools that were rewritten in Rust and explicitly try to be better in some regard (user friendliness, no unexpected / harmful actions without interaction / explicitness, amount of options, colored output, or other ideas) than their predecessors?

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