Rust documentation is broken (expand/collapse)

For example:

None of the methods are showing up. They are not in the main Methods doc section where they used to be. They do appear down the left hand side but if you click them they do not show up.

Don’t know where to report this so posting here :frowning:

It works for me, perhaps check the network activity / watch the console for script errors when you refresh the page?

Something is definitely wrong. This is what it looks like for me
If I then click one of the methods the URL changes but the method is not shown. If I CTRL-F5 the method doc does then appear. This is in Firefox 61.0.1 on Linux Mint.

No Network errors that I can see.

Duh, they’re hidden by default under the first item! and clicking the link on the left does not show them!

ah, you can click the [+] on the top right next to [src], then it should start working again. That said it would be better if clicking the method on the left did jump to the method.

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Indeed. It’s a basic expectation of the web that when you click a link the relevant information is shown. Confirm it also happens in Chrome.

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Recently happened to me too with std::vec::Vec – where are the basics like ::push etc? Hidden behind the impl<T> Vec<T> section! It’s not immediately obvious, especially if you’re not in the sharpest mental state anymore :sweat_smile:

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FWIW, pressing “+” or “-” on the keyboard also opens/closes everything, like pushing the [+]/[-] at the top right, without needing to scroll.


I just saw that the default behavior can be changes in the settings, reached by clicking on the cogwheel right of the search field.

Related: does anyone else find it odd/annoying that the declaration is hidden by default? For developers who are familiar with rust syntax, it’s a much more compact and efficient way to see what you’re looking at (instead of reading through a long list of enum variants, for example)

Yeap, especially when I want to see the structure of enum variants. I’ve settled with pressing shift++ as a workaround.