Rust discussed in US congress

I had this running in the background and I perked up when they started talking about Rust.

The Financial Services Committee was discussing Libra and then Congressman Riggleman (5th District of Virginia) had this to say [my transcription, excuse any errors]:
3:42:46 I was really surprised by the Rust language as it was in the background.
Why was the rust lang chosen as the implementation for libra
and do you believe right now from what you’ve seen it’s mature enough
to handle the security challenges that’ll really affect these crypto transactions.

It looks libra was built on the nightly builds of the rust prog. lang.
and it’s a little interesting because that’s not how we did releases in the DOD
and I was wondering what features of rust are only available in the nightly build
that aren’t available in the official releases of rust and does Facebook
see that as a concern that they are dependent on unofficially released features
of the rust programming language? …

I figured this would be of interest to the community. Hopefully it’s not too far off topic.


This event was also discussed on reddit:


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