Rust Developer wanted!

We are looking for a new colleague to join our team!
We are currently working on the Braiins OS+ project, with which we need your help. You would be mainly working on an open source Linux distribution solution based on OPenWrt / LEDE.
I am part of the Braiins company, which deals with cryptocurrencies, their mining and the development of operating systems for mining devices. We have a modern office in Prague, Czech republic and a great team, which you can be a part of! :slight_smile:
This is a fulltime job. Right now we work remotely because of the covid situation, but normally we work onsite in the office.
If you are interested in this position you can contact me via email:

You should (also) send job offers to, as described in the "Rust Jobs" section of

to get them listed. I imagine it'll be easier to discover there, since the blog has a designated section for jobs.

Thanks a lot! I'll post it there :wink:

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