Rust desktop development

what are the frame works for native desktop development using rust and gui frameworks

Using GTK4 is one of the options. But I think there's work done to provide other, more Rust-y frameworks. I'm not up-to-date on that matter though. Maybe someone else can give a current overview.

I know that website too, but it's not that easy to get a good overview on which of these options are feasible in which scenario. It's a starting point though.


I guess that's true. I find the amount of GUI frameworks on that site not too much to browse and get a general idea about the state of GUI development in Rust though. From URLO and other forums/QA sites I'd say egui and fltk and tauri are the predominant frameworks used today, but that's by no means an objective measurement. I've only ever used tauri and find it a decent framework, especially if you come from the web.

Raph Levien's blog posts are close to it

And an interesting gui benchmark from another person: Tauri vs Iced vs egui: Rust GUI framework performance comparison (including startup time, input lag, resize tests) · Lukasʼ Blog

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