Rust debug question



Is there any document or something describes the whole process of setting up the debug environment for Rust with VS Code, VS 2017 or IntelliJ Community under Windows OS?

I have gdb in VS Code, and when I debug, it shows “Failed to load MI Debugger: ERROR: Write EPIPE”. This persisted after I installed the MinGW.

It’s a pity that I can’t use CodeLLDB because it asks for a 64bit Python version which I can’t install in my 32bit OS.

Your help is very appreciated.


When starting out I found this blog post which described a way to set up debugging which had worked for me. Note that this uses the msvc compiler and debugger which might not work with a gnu compiler.

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Hi Buddy,

I really appreciate for your information.

I tried as the blog describes, and it works! I am very happy!

Thanks again, buddy! Have a good day!

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