Rust dataframe discussion/wg


Hi all,

After some discussion on reddit, it seems there’s some interest in having a discussion or working group for implementing dataframes in rust. There’s several wip, but it’s a pretty hard problem and it would be great to be able to bounce ideas off each other and track the overall progress towards having a production ready dataframe.

So, as a start, I’ve created a github org and repo. Please jump in if you’re interested!



Good initiation! hopefully enough people can be gathered.

As you might know “modern” in-memory performant dataframe memory model revolves around Apache Arrow which has a native Rust impl, so it should be viable choice.

Recently dedicated datafusion is notable project in that area.

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Yup, definitely aware of that work. I imagine that any production grade dataframe will probably use arrow, or have interoperability as a priority.

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