Rust library name

is rust library name are case sensitive


There's additional exception that there can't be a crate with same name, but different case. Similarly names are also sensitive to the difference between - and _, but two crates won't be allowed to differ just by - or _.

is it possible to rename a already published rust lib in

Unfortunately not, except to just publish a new crate and point people in documentation from the old to the new.

The unfortunate part is that this prevents crates with arbitrary capitalization/hyphenation choices from normalizing to a principled decision after the fact.

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is it possible delete name of a crate lib we create completely form the
i created a simple userinput library and publish in crate
tomorrow i fell that i wand to delete that library but even if i delete the github repository the library will remain in

You have already asked this question. Please read the answers you're receiving, otherwise there's no sense for us to give them.


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