Rust course on Udemy


My friend recommended this course on Udemy, Its not the best course out there but yes a good one and worth the money and time, I liked some of the topics like mutability is explained very nicely. The best part is that course is complete hands on Step by Step.

Found a $10 discount for the course so felt it would be worth sharing .

I think it is also good as we can find all the information at one place in sequence.


What makes this tutorial better than The Book and other resources?
To be honest: An 2.5 hour tutorial about an programming language, doesn’t convince me at all!

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Yes you are right, but I think its may be about my learning style, I prefer watching videos then reading. And it comes for just $10 so its great , because a bigger course might be costlier. This atleast saved me time of online research and going through various documentation here and there and makes me up and running within shortest time. Because for a beginner like me it becomes too daunting to read through books and also the udemy courses have a dashboard feature where you can discuss with Instructor and fellow learners etc. The instructor writes all code in front of you and explains it simultaneously. To be honest the best thing I liked about the course is that there were no PPTs no theory at all, everything is hands on. There are many such benefits of joining such a resource.

Looking at the topics it doesn’t seem to cover borrowing or lifetimes?

It comes with lifetime access and in one of the videos instructor has mentioned that they are working on adding new content. Thanks for pointing this out, I will post a message to the instructor to add these.

Some people have different modes of learning. Videos work for some people.

I have also been working on a new course for Packt publishing, an introduction to the language, but even I prefer reading books and tutorials than watching a video course :grimacing: