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So I'm a newer Rust programmer and switching to Rust from other languages has posed a few challenges mostly in the space of understanding and working with the borrow-checker.

It also seems there are tons and tons of questions on issues relating to borrow-checker such as use after move, trying to create a reference to something that already has a mutable reference, etc... Basically, I foresee these issues being a common source of tons of questions for a long period of time.

As such, I'm thinking of creating some sort of "cookbook" wiki or page which, unlike the Rust Book itself, goes into details of how to accomplish specific tasks effectively in Rust and how it differs from other languages.

This is just an idea I'm throwing on the table at this point but wondered if anyone else had already done this and if not, who else would be interested in contributing?

Using google search engine shows: Table of Contents - Rust Cookbook


There's been talk about creating walkthrough videos for Rust topics, most likely for youtube. This could be an area were contribution would be most useful for future Rust-starters. The idea would be to walk people through common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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@manfredlotz thanks for that resource! Maybe I could eventually help out there..

@DrizztVD1 I'm definitely interested. Being this new to Rust, I know it's going to take a little while longer for me to grasp the concepts enough, but I'll definitely do it on my channel, I love presenting native programming concepts. This is my channel right now: