Rust cookbook needs a lot of help!


I filed issues for a ton of examples for the new Rust cookbook. Thanks to everyone who has contributed ideas so far.

All of these are ideal for new contributors to tackle!

Take a look at and then grab one of the open examples to write. We really need your help!


A lot of the examples waiting to be written look like very fun ways to practice some Rust coding and try out new crates/tools.

Recommended for people at the middle of the curve of learning Rust :smile:

I volunteered myself for issue #110


Though I’m a beginner on Rust, I really want to help out


Hi the cookbook has been moved to :tada:!

Contribution is possible under the new repo address

Please note that only some of the old links are still functional due to github redirects, so it’s a good moment to update your bookmarks :slight_smile:

Currently we are thinking about ux/ui and design overhaul so we would and we would really appreciate help of contributors with UX and webdev experience!