Rust Boston meetup

Continuing the discussion from Rust 1.0 launch event details (action required for event organizers):

Looks like there's a Rust Boston Meetup group, though it doesn't look like it has ever actually organized a meetup (at least, as far as I can tell).

Anyone have a venue or any possible sponsors (for, say, food and drinks) for a Rust Boston meetup/release party?

This would be on Friday, May 15th, let's say 7 PM to give people time to show up after work. If there is enough interest, I will try to arrange a venue appropriate for having some short talks and some food; otherwise, I suggest we just pick a local pub and meet up more informally.

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Also, is there anyone who would be willing to give a lightning talk? It would be nice to have a few lightning talks, some food, and maybe some hacking on personal projects or the like.

If there is enough interest (more than 3 or 4 people, and at least one person interested in doing a lightning talk), I will see about organizing venue and food.

On the other hand, if it's only @BurntSushi, @pgonda, and myself (that's who replied in the other thread), it might make more sense to just meet up at a pub for beer (assuming beer works for everyone, a cafe or tea shop would be other options) and informal hanging out, it doesn't seem to make sense to organize a formal meet up for just three people.

I'd be happy to do a talk and target towards whoever is coming.

An informal meetup at a pub sounds great too!

I would be interested in a meetup, informal or talks sound good to me. Maybe if we advertise on reddit/meetup we could find more people?

I have linked to this post on both Reddit and the discussion board for the Meetup group; I have also contacted the Meetup group organizers, but haven't heard anything back yet.

I too would be interested in a Boston meetup/release party. It would also be a good opportunity to get a regular meetup going since the group over on has been completely inactive.

I'd be interested also (I also signed up for the Rust Boston Meetup a while ago, maybe one of us could add it there as a suggested event?)

I'll be there! I also responded on reddit (as jcdyer3), so don't count me twice.

As far as I can tell, only the Meetup organizers can create events on the Meetup page. I've used the contact form to ask them about the possibility of listing this, but haven't yet heard back from them (though that was just this morning, so I'll give them some time to reply).

Alternatively, I could create a separate Meetup, but then we'd have to build up a new subscriber list; the existing one has 80 people on it, so it would be a shame to have to build that up again.

I'd be interested in going to this.

I'd also be willing to do a little talk on the research/project that I just finished for CS Honors on implementing an OS kernel in rust if anyone is interested. (I'm planning on making a post about it in the next few days)

I've gotten in touch with the Boston Rust Meetup organizers, and they are interested in doing a 1.0 release event/meetup. It sounds like we're starting to get critical mass for this to actually become something.

I've offered to do an intro to Rust hands-on tutorial for people entirely new to Rust, since it sounds like several people in the Meetup group are pretty new (including the organizers); walk people through installing the compiler and writing their first program. Sounds like @scialex and @BurntSushi can also do talks; if we have enough content, it would be nice to save some of it for future meetups, and turn this into a regular thing.

I'm also interested. I registered in the Meetup group and joined the Slack server.

This talk sounds extremely interesting! very excited!

The meetup is now official, and has a location; still looking for a food sponsor.

After talking about it, it sounds like there are going to be a bunch of complete beginners at the meetup, so we're going to focus on the basic intro to Rust and @BurntSushi's quickcheck since that should be a little more accessible to beginners; however, I liked @scialex's honors thesis and so would love to see a talk on that at a later meetup.