Rust book suggestion: chapters order


Hello! I just started diving into Rust with the book in docs. Everything was fine in chapters 2 and 3, but the next one, “Effective Rust” almost made my brain explode, especially at concurrency section. There are a lot of examples, which is very hard to understand without knowing at least language syntax, and then… boom! goes chapter “Syntax and Semantics”. If we swap chapters 4 and 5, I think it will be much more easier and logical for newcomers.


I totally agree with you. It could be scary for newcomers to get into some hard stuff before having an overview of the language constructs.


We’ve gone back and forth on this. It used to be in that order, and people complained then.

I may end up changing it in the future, we’ll see. So yes, thanks for the vote, but this is just one of those subjective things that not every person can be happy with at the same time :confused: