Rust Book: Ownership until Mutability not extensive enough


I’m new to Rust (coming from Python) and started to read through the book. The book is very nicely written (I’m a blogger so I know what that means), and it has a good flow. I think that’s phantastic since it is somehow an “entry gate” into Rust.

The chapters are all easy to follow along. But when “Ownership” starts then it gets very complex; which is ok since those are new concepts for people into script programming like me. IMO those chapters could have been more extensive though. On many occasions I thought “I think I got that, but I’m not 100% sure”. The chapters before Ownership and after Mutability have a slower pace (i.e. “There’s a lot going on here, so let’s break it down”), I would have liked the same style in those middle chapters.

If I could help out in any way (e.g. by pointing out what was not clear to me), I’d happy to help


You can try out the very early draft of the next edition of the book, which will have rewritten and expanded chapters on ownership and borrowing.


I had trouble understanding closures when I started with Rust because my background was mainly with bash scripting and a little bit of C. After talking it over with @steveklabnik he recommended that I submit an issue on github and they re-worded it to be more understandable. Here’s a link to the ticket I submitted, they’re really responsive about documentation questions.


thanks, I’ve read through the ownership and borrowing chapters and they’re like 5 times easier to read than the original docs. Kudos to whoever wrote those.

My suggestion: why don’t you add a reference in the chapters ownership and borrowing to the new docs?


Thanks @philippkeller! I wrote both versions :slight_smile:

We haven’t linked to them because they’re not ready yet. We’ll get there.


I agree with @philippkeller, the new version of the book is much better (clearer and detailed) than the current one.
I can’t wait it’s completed, I’m checking it weekly hoping to find new chapters, but recently it seems to be slowly updated… I guess that @steveklabnik has a lot of other important tasks to follow, so we have to be patient! :wink:


Yes, I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. After lunch today I hope to have
a bunch more opened in a PR, and keep the momentum going again.