Rust book Ch20.2, why bother with `job` dereferencing?

At the end of Ch20.2 of Rust Book a problem of job dereferencing is discussed, and since Rust complains that it "cannot move a value of type dyn std::ops::FnOnce() + std::marker::Send: the size of dyn std::ops::FnOnce() + std::marker::Send cannot be statically determined", the book suggest to implement trait FnBox with call_box() for FnOnce to "take ownership of self and move the value out of the Box". As it said, "This trick is very sneaky and complicated", but the first thing I thought was why bother with dereferencing at all? I just tried to use job() instead of (*job)() and that worked fine without any error.
So I totally didn't catch all the magic with all that "taking ownership of Self", could you please explain this to me?

The book is out of date, FnBox is now obsolete.


Thanks! Could you please refer me the changes that made FnBox obsolete? (*job)() still doesn't work :slight_smile:

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