Rust at São Paulo/BRA — Let's spread the Rust as the future of systems programming

Hello Rust Community,

I'm Geraldo from Mozilla Brazil community! We want to organize 1-2 Rust workshops in São Paulo, Brazil, the goal is simple, spread Rust and to involve more developers in the community.

We are looking for people who study or work and love Rust to make learning easier and teach Rust in person at São Paulo. We have here a workshop flow if you want to know what you will teach and how to prepare.

The local Mozilla community will organize the logistics and marketing for the workshop, ensuring you teach without worrying about it. This is a free and open workshop for the entire local technology community.

Excited to teach Rust? Comment here on this topic, ping me on Telegram or send an email to

See you...

Geraldo Barros


Hey Geraldo,

I'm interested helping with the workshops.

I've previously helped organizing some of the São Paulo Rust Meetups, but it's been a while since the last one. It would be nice to have another event happening around here.

Let me know how to help.


I'm giving a 30min talk on Rust at Unicamp on Wednesday, June 7, if anyone is able to attend. I have a short slide deck on ownership (in Portuguese!). I'd be happy to teach in a workshop in São Paulo!


Hi @Bruno_Tavares and @leodasvacas!

Wooohoo! Great hear this! How can I talk to you? Could you ping me on the Telegram or mail me this week?

My email and Telegram link:

I want attend this, do you have a link with more event infos and place? I would love to share this with our community!

Geraldo Barros

Awesome! The event is a class where each student is presents a 10 minute lighting talk about a free software project. June 7 will feature talks about R, Gephi, GNU and mine. I asked for more time so I will have 30min to speak about Rust. It will be at IC 3.5 (Instituto de Computação), room 353, between 16h and 17h30. It will be a great opportunity for us to get in touch, and also for you to get to know the teacher who is an advocate of free software.