Rust as a replacement for

Would it make sense for cloud software like backend, Wikipedia log or Apache Spark to be written in Rust?

The key parameters I have in mind are performances and ease of use (after learning curve)

It would make a lot of sense for such things to be written in Rust. It would make a lot of sense for everything, from your boot loader, through operating system kernel and up to be written in Rust.

It likely does not make sense to attempt to rewrite millions of lines of code in a different language. Presumably that code has been around for a while, is known to work and has a lot of bugs shaken out of it. A rewrite could be a longwinded, expensive effort. Is it worth it?

Those billions of lines of code that exist in the world, in all kind of languages, are not going away anytime soon. Neither are the thousands of developers going to suddenly drop whatever they are doing and adopt Rust.

Perhaps it's better to think of a symbiosis between Rust and other languages. Interoperability. Critical components might be rewritten in Rust, for performance or correctness reasons. New features, modules, plug-ins, etc, might be created in Rust for the same reasons.

Whole new applications will be created in Rust. I'm sure of that.

Better to look forward than backward.


There is a pure rust implementation of Apache Spark called vega, previously known as FastSpark/native_spark: GitHub - rajasekarv/vega: A new arguably faster implementation of Apache Spark from scratch in Rust

Labelled as "WIP". I don't know how feature complete it is, but it shows that there is indeed an interest to RiiR all the things.


Nice& is there one place that list about all piece of software written in Rust?

That's like asking if there's a single location where everything written in Python is listed. No, of course not.

You may be looking for, where Rust developers publish their code for others to use. If you're looking for a Rust implementation of something in particular or just want to explore the ecosystem then (or, which mostly lists the same projects as but with some extra information and a different style) is the place to start.

1 Like has links to a large number of Rust projects, sorted by category.

This database contains 300,000 Python snippets [0]

[0] Researchers compile a new database of executable Python code snippets on GitHub, [1808.04919] Gistable: Evaluating the Executability of Python Code Snippets on GitHub

300,000 is a far cry from "all pieces of software". I've no doubt I have written well over a thousand Python snippets by myself. Most code isn't even open-source, mind you.

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