Rust App memory footprint

Hello all,

I want to create a blogging app in Rust, but i read about rust app memory footprint is so high, Can i start with digital ocean droplet of 4 gb ram, please suggest me.


Rust executables are a bit on the large side due to static linking, but runtime memory consumption is relatively low. Definitively lower than most garbage collected languages. 4GB is more than enough to run pretty much any task that doesn't inherently need a lot of ram independent of the language.


@bjorn3 thanks for your quick reply. I understood now, moreover I also understood that rust runtime apps wont require much ram, also my app will not be taking any other heavy calculation or files load in the RAM, i have one node js app which is running on 2 gb droplet, I am thinking to have a start with same config with ubuntu, will that work for initial setup? thanks in advance.

That should work just fine.

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thanks for your reply @bjorn3.

thanks @bjorn3 for help, forgot to check solution button, now i did.

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