Rust API with Authentication

I am looking for an example of a rust API (via Actix or anything else) with a User Login integration. Anyone has an example?

I have no doubt there are many examples on GitHub. What exactly are you looking for? Your question is very broad.

A simple to-do list with a login (user login, logout, recover password). Strangely didn't find anything on github. I guess I need a separate authentication and a separate API and combine them.

Authentication seems to be a gap in the current Rust ecosystem.

I didn't have a need for it so far, but I have the following bookmarked:

  • jelly-actix-web-starter"A starter template for actix-web projects that feels very Django-esque. Avoid the boring stuff and move faster." (has something for authentication)
  • And non-Rust specific solutions, that can be used with Rust (external open-source auth services):
  • keycloak
  • oathkeeper
  • kratos

Thanks d4h0. Those are useful links.

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