Rust and Windows Performance Analyzer

I fully followed this article`with Windows Performance Analyzer - Rust Compiler Development Guide,
But I tried to enable debug-info differently,
My Cargo.toml profile


but Wpa when I loading my Profile(Wihich I downloaded from the link in the article) didn't understand that my program was written in rust,
as you can see,there's almost nothing there

how do I solve the problem or what other program should I use?

I tried to find my program in the list, but the characters are not displayed

same issue:etw - Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) is not resolving symbols for my c# application - Stack Overflow

It looks like you are profiling cargo, not the program you wrote.

Logicially,everything should look like this

there should be other programs on the list

If you see <Symbols disabled> in the stack trace, that means WPA isn't loading debug symbols for that binary file:


Make sure you've instructed WPA to load debug symbols by going to the Trace menu at the top of the screen and then clicking "Load Symbols". When enabled, it will have a checkmark next to the option:



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