Rust and GCP in Production

I'm wondering if anyone is using Rust to interact with GCP services in production. I'm particularly interested in using GCP pubsub, cloud datastore, and BigQuery. I'm aware of google-apis-rs, but I'm concerned about the quality of the integration since most of the code is generated.

I've just deployed an app that uses google-apis-rs to integrate with the google sheets API.

I didn't have any real problems beyond a few little annoying ergonomic issues. They were:

  1. The online API docs haven't generated properly which meant I figured out how it worked by reading the generated code.
  2. The API has deep objects with tonnes of optionals which is a bit painful. This may just be the nature of the API, rather than some issue with google-apis-rs.
  3. The latest version of hyper it works with is 0.10, and I imagine upgrading to 0.11 would be a big effort.

It's not been running for very long, and it is very low volume. I can update once it's been running for a few weeks if all is going well.

My requirement is a little different. I am considering using rust for a service in our microservice architecture and the GCP APIs that I would be using will be critical for messaging and persistence.

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How is the things going on with Rust and GCP using google-apis-rs?

I also need to build a microservice on GCP using rust. Was you able to build a microservice on GCP using rust?