Rust and business logic

There was a question about quant finance software, but I wasn’t able to find any mention of the implementing business logic software systems with Rust. Are there any success stories or specific cases for that?

I remember speaking to someone who was using Rust for a trading system. That would certainly involve a lot of business logic. Sadly, I cannot find the details of the system. I suspect it was proprietary.

For implementing business logic, the strictness and clarity of Rust work in its favour. For high frequency trading systems, latency is everything, and a fast, non-garbage-collected language like Rust is essential. I’ve mainly heard of C/C++ being used in this context, but the systems are highly proprietary and confidential, so Rust may be used more than we know.

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I found three crates for decimal numbers handling in Rust (these are used in finances, to prevent rounding errors):

And two for some basic financial mathematics:

And two quant trading libraries:

And one bank interface library:


I proposed to create the Business Applications Working Group on Rust Internals discussion platform. So anyone who has an interest, ideas, suggestions, criticism, etc - are welcome.

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