Rust-analyzer unlinked-file error on inline crates

A few days ago I started receiving the unlinked-file error when working on inline crates. I primarily use neovim but I am getting the same issue in vscode. I have tested in both Mac OS and Linux.

I have tested this in a couple different repos:

  • nushell (working on crates/nu-cmd-dataframe)
  • polars (working on crates/polars-io)

Is this a new bug? Is there something I should try? I know I can disable this error message, but the rest of rust-analyzer functionality seems to not be working (inlay type hints, etc). I did not see anything immediately apparent in Neovims lsp logs.

Check if there is a vscode settings file containing a linkedProjects setting that affects your editors

Doesn't seem to be the case. For good measure I deleted anything related to vscode.

I think it actually had something to do with features not being enabled.. I am not sure what changed in my config, but it is working now that I tweaked it.

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