Rust-analyzer stuck on "roots scanned"


recently my rust-anaylzer started being stuck on roots scanned: 86/209. The trace log only mentions:

[Trace - 11:03:23 AM] Received notification '$/progress'.
Params: {
    "token": "rustAnalyzer/roots scanned",
    "value": {
        "kind": "report",
        "message": "86/209",
        "percentage": 41

Nothing else is sent after that progress and other requests at rust-analyzer fail with:

Received response 'textDocument/codeAction - (10)' in 0ms. Request failed: Rust Analyzer is still loading... (-32801)

But rust-analyzer never finishes loading, even after waiting for some hours. I suppose it's just completely stuck since I'm on a fairly beefy system (Ryzen 3950X, 64GB of RAM). I'm not quite sure how to best debug this though.

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