Rust-analyzer or VS code error

this rust-analyzer or vscode error.

look at "a:" and "b:" in


pub const fn test(a: i32, b: i32) -> [i32; 2] { [a, b] }

const LOOKUPVALUE: &'static [[i32;2]; 4] = &[
    test(0x0fab272b, 0x0fab272b), test(0x7e1d93ea, 0x7e1d93ea),
    test(0x0fab272b, 0x7e1d93ea), test(0x7e1d93ea, 0x0fab272b),

fn main() {
    LOOKUPVALUE.iter().for_each(|x| println!("{:?}", x))


I think this is probably a bug in rust-analyzer and should be reported to their issue tracker.

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Ok, @mbrubeck

they close the issue.

Rust-analyzer or VS code error #7458

To clarify, it was closed by fixing it in :wink:

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My apologies for before reply. Sure they fix it very fast.

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