Rust-analyzer: How to make VS Code show lints/errors before documentation during mouse hover

I encountered this situation many times. There is an error in a line, so I want to use my mouse to inspect the error message, but the items' documentation keep getting in the way.


You can get better readable error messages by pressing F8/Alt+F8 (not entirely sure what exactly the difference is). So instead of hover, just click to place your cursor at/before the error and press Alt+F8.

I personally also like keeping a terminal window open next to vscode to display the “ordinary” rustc output. I recently found the tool bacon which has some advantages over cargo watch, so I’ll have the command bacon clippy running in my terminal.

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If you use vscode, here's a language agnostic extension I like very much :

Error Lens

It shows errors inline with the code and pairs nicely with rust-analyzer and many other LSP extensions (and any diagnostics extensions). You can then hover the mouse over the inline error and it will only show the error, not the rustdoc.


To answer the question directly, you can't currently. It's something we all want, but is blocked upstream.

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