Rust analyzer "failed to parse macro invocation" after update

I closed my VSCode project because the rust analyzer was crashing every few minutes. When I opened my project again, I was told to install the latest version of the analyzer, which I did. The next thing I know, I've got a gazillion "failed to parse macro invocation" error messages in my Problems pane. They aren't real errors, because my project compiles and runs just fine.

Please file an issue and include instructions for reproducing the problem

I am facing the same problem after the last update.

Chris Hanks sent me the following information in response to my bug report. (Apologies to the rust analyzer team for filing a duplicate.)

I encountered this too, on 0.2.408. Rolled back to 0.2.400, which doesn't have the issue.

(If anyone else needs to, you can do this via Extensions icon -> choose rust-analyzer -> Manage (gear icon) -> Install Another Version)

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I recommend turning off experimental diagnostics instead of rolling back to a previous release. Newly added experimental diagnostics are expected to result in some amount of false positives.

I didn't know there was such a thing a experimental diagnostics. How do I turn them off?

You can set "rust-analyzer.diagnostics.enableExperimental": false

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