Rust-analyzer doesn't analyse modules guarded by #[cfg(target_arch = ...)]

Note: already checked the user manual.

I have a project where some of the modules are only enabled on a certain arch, using #[cfg(target_arch = "...")] mod ... syntax. Currently rust-analyzer doesn't analyze those modules, so none of the function (hover, go to definition etc.) work. Is there a way to enable analyzing those modules? It's fine if I need to restrict analysis to only that arch as the code generated for this arch subsumes code for other archs.

I think config option is what you are looking for:

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Actually I was wrong, that didn't fix the issue. I still get no error checking & reporting for the modules behind the #[cfg(target_arch = "...")].

I was confused before because I saw some error checking, but it turns out I only get syntax errors. I don't get any type errors even when there are dozens of errors in a module.

Indeed, we didn't propagate target to checkOnSave, we only used it for our own analysis. Fixed in

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Perfect, that fixed it!

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