Rust-analyzer broken. Installed but not doing anything

[image|215x500](upload jTh930fVhp1eivr8XPdv1UtS6js.png)
[image|215x500](upload jTh930fVhp1eivr8XPdv1UtS6js.png)

Pressing F2 gives "No refrences found at position"
Pressing ctrl click does nothing.
![image|215x500](upload jTh930fVhp1eivr8XPdv1UtS6js.png)

Also broken in Pre-Release versoin.
[image|690x319](upload tvkHiMOjxHTQWrxa18dx7fbMzQa.png)

Hopefully youre able to fix rust-analyzer soon. It's very important to have a decent IDE.

Can you enable pictures so you can actually see what I'm talking about lol

I'm doing rustlings GitHub - rust-lang/rustlings: Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code!
and I built the code with cargo b

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