Rust 101 presentation for Warsaw University IT dept


Hi all!

I recently visited Warsaw University (IT dept) to talk about Mozilla. We got around 100 students in the room and went through all major projects. The one that got by far the most response was Rust.

Seems like a lot of those students heard about it and are curious about it. Two of them approached me and asked if someone could visit them and run an intro talk on Rust.

My personal take is that WU is one of the best IT depts in Europe, with lots of history of winning various world coding challenge championships and natural curiosity for problems that Rust aims to address.

I’m looking for someone with solid fundamentals in Rust to come visit Warsaw and run a introduction talk on Rust to a group of students with good experience in C++ and Java.



Would that just be just one session or a whole course?


From what I understand, they’d like to start with a single session, probably for around 100-150 people, with Q&A.


I think I’ve got an appropriate contact and will send you message here soon.